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What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a measurable natural process, different from sleep or meditation.
We call hypnotic state or "trance" the state in which a person go through the accompaniment of the therapist.
Concretely, it is a process that facilitates changes and allows us to focus on the subconscious functioning of a person.

What are the different types of hypnosis?

The most renowned kind of hypnosis remains show hypnosis. This popularizes the extraordinary phenomena achievable while adding the "wow" effect.
Around the world, 90% of the therapeutic applications of hypnosis is done via so-called Traditional (or Elmanian) hypnosis: it is a very authoritarian hypnosis that does not fit into European culture.
On the other hand in France, 90% of hypnotherapists uses Ericksonian Hypnosis, which is much more permissive and respectful.
Another type of hypnosis remains self-hypnosis, allowing to work on certain therapeutic anchors for example.

How does hypnosis feel  ?

Hypnosis is a personal experience, everyone feels things differently. 
Most of the time the body remains (almost) still and certain signs such as a change in breathing rate, dilation of the pupils or attenuation of facial features may occur.
Some find the experience so pleasant that they delay their come back to a usual state!

Will i do something I would normally turn down?

Your conscious part is never far away, even through hypnosis.
If a suggestion made by the show hypnotist or therapist displeases you, you instantly return to a normal state of consciousness.
Our "safeguard" or instinct is always active for our integrity.

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