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Hypnosis by Guillaume Mesmin:

At each moment, a person makes the best possible choice available to them.

Prestations et objectifs: Prestations et objectifs

Exploration without content

Go explore your subconscious and be curious about the dry hypnotic experience, part of you may be working on resources or learnings without you even realizing it.

Recommended by your professional practitioner!

Spring cleaning

Will you take advantage of this opportunity to rearrange some thoughts in your subconscious or will you simply pick up some of your innate resources that have been so neglected?
This technique will allow you to sort, order and take back what belongs to you in this forgotten part of yourself.

I must not fear

It's finally time to free yourself from this fear you've been living with for too long. Hypnosis will allow you to understand its origins, to take out a different behavior and to finally go through it with acceptance and relief.

Weight control

Achieve your objectives using the techniques of internal dialogues which will clarify your path on this adventure and identify the resources which correspond to you.
Your subconscious will know how to react to help you.

The Great Permission

What if you finally allow yourself this thing that you have always denied to yourself.

Go and attend this inner ceremony to finally authorize yourself to be who you truly are.

Get rid of a behavior

Use the mind-body connection to break free from addictions and/or achieve the results you desire.

You will be in a trance-like state, allowing you to focus and making it easier to regain control.

Pain, pain...

Pain control through self-hypnosis is an essential technique that I can teach you through easy exercises.
Maybe it's time to (re)take this control for yourself, and by yourself!

Age regression

These techniques allow you to relive certain forgotten moments to better move forward on a daily basis.
Only the practitioner can decide if regression is your solution.

It will be preferable to use it to look for resources or beneficial learning.

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